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August 31, 2010: Omegathon Round 1: Zombie Dice!

Zombie Dice As you may have guessed by our repeated gushing, we're big fans of PAX, both Prime and East. You may not know, however, about Omegathon.

Picture this. A group of attendees is randomly selected from the preregistrations. These gamers are subjected to several rounds of eliminations, based on their performance in games as diverse as Halo, skeeball, PONG, or whatever -- both digital and traditional -- catch the organizers' eyes. The prize awaiting the winner varies, but in the past has included an all-expenses-paid trip to Tokyo.

This year, the first round of eliminations will be decided by none other than Zombie Dice!

If you weren't chosen as an Omeganaut, you can pick up your own copy of Zombie Dice at the show. Games & Gizmos will be carrying a ton of them -- they're talking about multiple trips with their van to get them all to the show! G&G will be on the second level, right across the hall from TableTop HQ (and right next to the Steve Jackson Games demo area, too).

(Of course, you can play Zombie Dice on your iPhone as you're watching Round 1, for free!)

Good luck to all the Omeganauts, and we look forward to seeing everyone at PAX in just . . . holy moly, three days? I gotta get packing!

-- Paul Chapman

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