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August 18, 2014: Classic Tech, Now Downloadable Via Warehouse 23!

GURPS Classic: Ultra-Tech

GURPS Classic: High-Tech

If you're a fan of classic GURPS Third Edition supplements -- or just love to mine those volumes for new ideas -- then two must-haves are now available digitally on Warehouse 23. GURPS Classic: High-Tech is your guide to modern-day equipment and weapons, while GURPS Classic: Ultra-Tech goes through the possibilities and permutations of more far-flung fare.

Both guides are essential for their genres, packed with gear and options for Third Edition players. (Really, they're useful for just about all campaigns; science-fiction games can make use of high-tech gear just fine, and what low-tech fantasy heroes wouldn't love finding a force-field generator or laser pistol?) Download both of these goodies today and peruse them the high-tech ultra-futuristic digital viewer of your choice!

-- Steven Marsh

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