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August 20, 2020: Munchkin Coasters Now On Kickstarter!

We've taken something new to Kickstarter for Munchkin players in need of a new in-game bonus: coasters! Now you can protect your table and gain a slight bonus in your next game of Munchkin by joining Steve Jackson Games' Coasters for the Party on Kickstarter today! Hurry, though, because this is a very short campaign and comes to a close on Monday.

Featuring classic Munchkin artwork by John Kovalic, this set of six coasters gives you an automatic level if you draw the monster that matches your coaster (cannot be the winning level, but you knew that). If another player happens to kick down the door and find your monster, then you're reward with treasure!

Join in the campaign today!

NOTE: Open to United States backers only. We will make the set of coasters available on Warehouse 23 in the future.

-- Phil Reed


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