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August 21, 2020: Did You Miss The Ogre Pocket Box Bundle?


Available now as the $90 reward level in Steve Jackson Games' Coasters for the Party, the Ogre Pocket Box Bundle includes near-exact replicas of several Ogre games and expansions from the eighties. This big box of Ogre was created thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers in 2019, and now we're offering a limited number of the bundles in our latest Kickstarter campaign.

The bundle includes three Pocket Box games -- Ogre, GEV, and Battlesuit -- as well as the Ogre Reinforcement Pack and Shockwave expansions. See the image, below, for a peek at the contents of this large box of retro Ogre goodness!

Join the Kickstarter campaign today and select the Ogre Pocket Box Bundle reward before it's too late! The campaign comes to a close on Monday, so there's very little time to secure your copy of the bundle.

NOTE: Open to United States backers only. We will make the set of coasters availble on Warehouse 23 in the future.

-- Phil Reed


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