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December 13, 2004: Games From The BBC

I'm advised that Micro Life, which I mentioned a month or so ago, was originally produced by the BBC. Cool. I didn't know that BBC was in the games business, but in fact it's posted a number of freebies, some of them rather complex.

The Battlefield Academy is a series of four wargames, from Roman to WWII. You're actually dealing with tactical unit movement and playing against an AI.

Here's a whole page of historical games. I enjoyed Viking Quest, which is basically a simple choose-your-path adventure but which is very nicely presented, and does require you to make some tactical decisions . . . and it does not spoon-feed you the answers, so keep your common sense engaged as you play. Another especially nice one is Death in Rome, a detective game in which each action you take costs precious time!

And here are the spy games . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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