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December 4, 2004: Magic Is On The Web!

Have you seen the sneak peeks of the GURPS Magic table of contents, index, and introduction chapter yet? If not, you won't know that we've also included a grimoire form, for listing your character's spells.

If you've seen these files, you've seen the Spell Prerequisite Chart for the Food College. Charts for the rest of the colleges will be posted to the GURPS Magic page within the next couple of weeks, for easy downloading and quick printing.

For more direct information on this book, the spells within, or any other nifty little tidbits, we present "A Chat with Michael Suileabhain-Wilson" on Saturday, 11 December, at 7pm (Central), in the Pyramid auditorium. Mr. Suileabhain-Wilson will speak on his labors consolidating the previous edition of GURPS Magic with GURPS Grimore, GURPS Wizards, and the GURPS Magic Items series.

Pyramid is our online zine, now with more chats and sneak peeks at upcoming GURPS Fourth Edition supplements. As always, Pyramid has Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmission, weekly comics (including John Kovalic's Dork Tower and Murphy's Rules, drawn by Greg Hyland), and reviews from every area of gaming. Click here to subscribe!

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