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December 21, 2004: Closing For The Holidays

Traditionally, SJ Games closes its office the day before Christmas and doesn't reopen until after New Year's Day. So this year, our last day of regular business will be Thursday the 23rd, and our first day next year will be Monday, January 3.

Some of us will be in the office some of the time, and some of us will be reading e-mail, but if you've got something urgent . . . catch us before the 23rd!

Warehouse 23 will be taking and shipping orders as long as the freight companies keep picking them up . . . see their page for the details.

Of course, our evil plans will continue to mature. Kira and Scott are working away on e23. Giles and Nathan and I are continuing to tweak UltraCorps. The whole GURPS cadre is cadre-ing away. But the office . . . the office will be closed. The Illuminati will be celebrating the holiday in our diverse ways, and we hope you'll do the same.

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