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December 28, 2009: Answers to Twitter Questions

Because our Twitter account sometimes gets some questions that might be of general interest, or that might be hard to deal with usefully in 140 characters, or that the voices told us to answer here . . .

@JoeKnows asks "Why do game designers keep on using red and green for color coding when r-g colorblindness is the most common type?" Good question for which I have at the moment three answers. (1) We're dumb. (2) We know that it is possible to have reds and greens that are distinguishable by most people, even if not as dramatically as by those with normal color vision. (3) For exactly the same reason they are used in so many other places: the cultural connection of red=danger and green=safe.

@spideyo asks when Fairy Dust will be reprinted. We've already ordered the reprint, but it won't be in your stores until March or April.

@DrSbaitso wonders when we are going to release an update to the Munchkin iPhone app. Hee! Done! Go look.

@sparky1499 asks whether the Fighting Fantasy titles for iPhone are coming soon. That would be a question for Puffin, their publisher, or maybe for the British Steve Jackson, who, with Ian Livingstone, created the series. Those weren't SJ Games products, so we know nothing about further plans for them. Yes, we intend to do more iPhone projects. Not saying what yet. But it might rhyme with Mombie Mice.

@Wikimancer asks if we're going to do another Fnordcast. Probably not. It was a lot of fun to do them, but we didn't get enough feedback to make us think it was a good use of our time. Our YouTube videos seem to be taking over that ecological niche. Now, things might change again, or we might do one just because we FELT like it, but don't hold your breath unless you really look good in blue.

@patchthehippie asks how to suggest a game/supplement idea. Talk to us on our forums! We typically have things in development a year or more out, so if it's a supplement to an existing line there's a good chance we've thought of it already fnord, but don't let that stop you from being creative. (If you had just thought of Mombie Mice but hadn't got around to suggesting it yet, well, that goes to show.)

From multiple people at various times in various ways: "What new Munchkin things are coming out, and when? How can we make card suggestions?" Second question first: we have a card suggestion page specifically for Munchkin, and another card suggestion page for Munchkin Quest. As for new releases: When we announce something, it's listed on the Upcoming Releases web page. We try very hard not to give truthful answers to questions about things we haven't announced yet.

From michaelk42: "Do you REALLY want to know what a bottom hat is?" No. No, we do not.

-- Steve Jackson


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