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February 5, 2013: Toy Fair Time!

The 2013 New York Toy Fair starts on Sunday, February 10, and I'll be at the show with our Munchkin Czar, Andrew Hackard, where we'll sit in on special meetings and discuss late 2013 (and maybe some 2014) game plans. The show is always productive, and in past years we have done well pitching games to new markets, so I'm hoping that 2013 is as successful a show as 2012 was. 

I love visiting New York, and as with the last few visits to the Big Apple I'll be staying at the incredible Yotel, my favorite hotel in Manhattan (and no, not just because it has its own robot). With any luck I'll also find time to visit Toy Tokyo, but that will all depend on how many more meetings get added to the schedule between now and Day One of the trip.

-- Phil Reed

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