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February 7, 2023: Hard-To-Find Munchkin Playmat Available Now

Our line of Munchkin playmats are notable for not only being popular accessories, but for helping to start our usage of neoprene playmats in other lines. You can find the influence in The Fantasy Trip and Car Wars with their larger play surfaces. But Munchkin playmats have been unavailable for quite some time . . . until now. We've found a stash of The Flower of Love playmats (with utterly charming art by Katie Cook) just in time for Valentine's Day! These mats feature spots for all your loot, plus a special rule specific to each playmat.There might be enough to go around, but supplies are limited. If you want this beauty, make sure to get it soon!

Orders are open now, so go ahead and pick one for your sweetheart (or yourself)! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Flower of Love

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