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February 14, 2023: Be Our Valentine

It's no secret: We've got a crush on you. Yes, you. We like you so much that we've made a lot of lovely themed games and accessories over the years. Maybe you didn't know they were just for you, but they are. Munchkin ValentinesLove Shark Baby, and The Flower of Love Playmat? All for you. We even made the Munchkin Valentine's Monster Box for you to store it all in. The adorable Chibithulhu Dice Bag? That was for you as well, to store your Candy Heart d6 Dice Set . Those dice were an expression of our love. You can read it right on the face of each die . . .

All this and more is available on Warehouse 23. Go ahead, be our valentine and spoil yourself. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Valentine's Day

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