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February 20, 2023: One Roll Chronicles . . . 2?


Last year we released the first edition of Steve's One Roll Quest micro-RPG. Using a single die roll, you and up to four friends go on an adventure that encourages you to tell the tale of your brave exploits. The game's light, free-form nature is perfect for snapshot diversions between bigger games, and it has sold a few thousand copies in this tiny, inexpensive first edition version of the game. The game is far from serious and is great for your group to tackle as you wait for the others to arrive for a game session.

We followed the release of One Roll Quest with One Roll Chronicles, an adventure for one to five players. The adventure booklet includes a total of nine different encounters and requires you to make a series of rolls -- and decisions -- that expands the core mechanic out from a few moments of silly fun to a session that is sure to be filled with laughs and disaster. The Kickstarter campaign for this adventure did quite well and after a few chats, we decided to produce a second edition of One Roll Quest. That new edition is now on the boat, is scheduled for global release, and includes both the core game, the adventure, and the Kickstarter stretch goals in a single box.

With the second edition of One Roll Quest set for release in stores in a few months, we've started work on One Roll Chronicles 2. This second adventure follows the same format as the first and is designed for one to five players. The adventure is playable with either the first or second edition of One Roll Quest, and we will take this to Kickstarter just as soon as we can fit it into the schedule. I personally had a great time working on the first adventure last year, so the chance to create a second is a treat I won't squander. When many hours of your week are filled with administrative headaches, being granted a small bit of time to invest in creative endeavors is a rewarding bonus. 

Will there be other entries in this line? Possibly. We'll watch the upcoming One Roll Chronicles 2 Kickstarter campaign and then decide what steps to take next.

-- Phil Reed

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