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February 10, 2013: Where's The Stakeholder's Report?

This is the time of year when people normally start saying "Hey, Steve, where's the Stakeholder's Report?"

Well – as you read yesterday, if you were reading this yesterday – I'm on vacation. So the report may be a little bit delayed. I'm not promising that I won't work on it. That would be lying. But I'm definitely promising that I won't make it a higher priority than sleeping, or eating, or eating right, or watching the monk parakeets swarm the feeder in my back yard.

Therefore, I'll give you the bottom line right now: 2012 was a very dramatic year, during which Ogre did not come out on time, or anything LIKE on time. Nevertheless, not counting the Kickstarter income, it was our best sales year ever, we turned a profit, and 2013 is looking bright.

For the details, you'll have to wait a bit.

-- Steve Jackson

PS: Google returned our 2012 report as the FIRST entry for the search term "stakeholder report" . . . does everybody get that, or is Google returning me some sort of "personal results"?  I have, in theory, turned those off, but sometimes I wonder. My next-door neighbor said to me today, "Steve, you're ALL OVER THE WEB!" That's a good thing in Future Year 2013, I guess. It's still scary.

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