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February 15, 2023: Where Am I Going? (And What Am I Doing In This Handbasket?)

Lots of travel coming up for me . . .

February 24-26 I will be at PensaCon, in Pensacola, Florida. There will be a lot of Car Wars and a certain amount of Wiz-War, Melee, and the unannounced-but-we-are-finally-doing-it Tabloids*. Other games are always possible if one asks nicely. www.pensacon.com.

March 10-12 I will be at Nerdi Gras in Atlanta, Georgia. The game menu will be similar, with the likely addition of some after-hours Caligula, because it IS Nerdi Gras! I am also advised that there will be much music and cosplay, and more than a little dancing. www.nerdigras.org.

June 23-25 I will be at LibertyCon in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'll be playing and teaching the above games, and no doubt some more, while being sure not to miss the charity auction (buy yourself a personal Munchkin card), the David Weber reading, or the pro game of Terraforming Mars. www.libertycon.org.

And July 28-31 I will be at GameFest, held in conjunction with AnimeFest in Dallas, Texas. Other than Car Wars, I can't say yet what we will be playing. So come find out! www.animefest.org.

Unfortunately, I do not expect to make it to Origins or Gen Con this year . . . if you want to catch up with me, those are the places. So let's do it!

-- Steve Jackson

(*NOTE: You can learn a little more about Tabloids in this Daily Illuminator post. -PR)

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