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February 23, 2013: Someone Else Warped By Toon?!


The Gameological Society website recently had a feature that asked, "Have you ever played a game that felt like it was made just for you?" One of the games mentioned was Toon: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game.

The whole thing is worth a read, but here's the quote that spoke to me: "I continued to pore over the Toon manuals for years. They were masterpieces of geeky inside jokes, genre parody, and inspired stupidity . . ." That's a pretty good description of the game (though I prefer "silly"), and it sounds like his experience matches my own college gaming experience with Toon. (Although there's no mention of puns . . . lots and lots of puns.)

Anyway, if that sparks nostalgia for anyone else as it did in me, why not swing by e23 and pick up this classic? All you need to supply are your own dice and banana-cream pies!

-- Steven Marsh

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