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January 6, 2013: We All Make Mistakes . . .

. . . and I, it seems, make more mistakes than I should. At least it feels that way to me sometimes, especially when games like Zombie Dice and Munchkin Zombies sell so fast that we run out before more copies arrive.

But today I want to direct you to a post I wrote about my hobby as a toy blogger. "Six Mistakes I Have Made as a Blogger" has attracted far more attention and traffic for my battlegrip.com website than I ever expected, but I guess if we think of mistakes as failures -- and then combine that with the human pleasure of watching others fail -- then I guess I should have known that there would be a lot of interest in a post all about places where I have fallen down.

Writing the piece was a little fun and (I hope) I have learned and will now improve. Probably not (my brain can be a bit stubborn).

-- Phil Reed

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