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January 9, 2010: Chez Cthulhu Is On the Boat!

Chez Cthulhu cover

Seems a bit ironic. "Chez Cthulhu" is, roughly, "Cthulhu's home." And as every Lovecraftian scholar knows, Cthulhu is currently slumbering in R'lyeh, deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Which is just where the boatload of Chez Cthulhu is sailing over, on its merry way to North America.

Could this be an omen? Could the concentrated psychic power of thousands of games of The Stars Are Right be opening the gates, and all the Great Old One needs is the coincidental connection of Chez Cthulhu and R'lyeh to break free of that unspeakable aquatic prison?

Of course, if Cthulhu is summoned by a Chez game, all that sanity-blasting terror might be replaced by blissful Slack.

Nah, not likely. We're probably all still doomed. Doooooomed! Enjoy the game!

-- Paul Chapman

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