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January 26, 2010: Call For Playtesters: GURPS Plant Magic

Scott Maykrantz's GURPS Plant Magic expands the Plant college with 40 new spells. Use them to arm a druid, ranger, woodland elf, creepy gardener, spellcasting tree-man, or even a predatory witch in an enchanted forest. The spells cover a wide range of effects: deadly attacks, new curses, alteration, camouflage, and shaping wood into useful objects. In addition to new spells, this supplement also provides plant-related supporting information, including basic stats for all kinds of vegetation and modifiers for Plant Empathy and Speak With Plants.

We need playtesters for this new supplement. Playtesters should have access to the GURPS Basic Set, GURPS Magic, and possibly GURPS Thaumatology. Close examination of the new spells will be a major part of the playtest. Comments from those who actually try these spells in play will be especially welcome and encouraged. Playtesters aren't required to have previous experience; how well this material comes across to new readers is important information that will help make this a better book! We encourage first-time playtesters to apply for a reserved portion of slots available, as well as those with professional or other real-life experience with the subject matter: Botanists, those with knowledge of legendary or mystical plant/herb properties, and folks with green thumbs are especially welcome! Prospective playtesters will also need to be registered e23 customers who have spent more than $50 at e23 in the past 12 months.

Prospective playtesters should e-mail jwilson@io.com with [PM] (for "Plant Magic") in the subject, and include your preferred e-mail address for the closed playtest mailing list, correct spelling of your name as it may appear in print, your e23 login name, and a few words about your qualifications, experience, and current gaming group(s). Information about preferred submission formatting is in the forum post for this playtest call.

-- Steven Marsh

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