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January 20, 2010: Reviews Of Revolution!

Revolution! A couple of Revolution! reviews popped up on our radar recently, both in the new-fangled form of this here Web 2.0.

The Spiel, a podcast devoted to -- wait for it -- games, talked about our big red box at length in Episode #89. We bumped into these guys at multiple conventions last summer. You may even remember Will doing a Gen Con show floor interview with them in Episode #85.

Tom Vasel, of The Dice Tower podcast and tons of reviews on BoardGameGeek, uploaded another review, but not as a podcast. No, he combined sound and moving images for YouTube. Tom covers not just the gameplay but also the components. The bits and boards are much easier to review when you can show pictures.

If you've written a review of any of our games, or spotted one in the wild, drop us a line!

-- Paul Chapman

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