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January 12, 2017: We've Restocked Some Loot!

Loot Restock

We're so organized here at SJ Games, you may be surprised to hear that we sometimes come upon items we think were sold out, but in fact were not. (Come on, be surprised!) So – we have come across a few things that are back in stock for your local game store to order. 

Our first Munchkin Playmat, Spyke Gets Suckered, sold out quickly. Or should I say, almost sold out. These are available again, featuring awesome art from Munchkin Guest Artist Ian McGinty, and its own special rule. Along these lines, we have a couple of classic Munchkin accessories – the Duck of Gloom and Munchkin Journal Pack 1 – that have reappeared. The Journal Packs are popular around the office for note taking, secret messages, pun dictation, or tiny paper airplanes, and you can now get the pack that started it all. The Duck of Gloom is the plush, emo answer to the classic Duck of Doom. It's an uncommon variant that has been harder to find of late. 

Not to be left out, hot on the heels of our recent GURPS releases, the softcover version of GURPS Space is back! Expand your GURPS Fourth Edition world into an epic space opera, near-future realism, or even space-fantasy, all for an affordable price. 

Pick up these games and accessories today at your local game shop or Warehouse 23!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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