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January 25, 2004: Viva Las Vegas!

Our new Las Vegas warehouse is up and running. The games that are shipping now were shipped from Vegas. In the long run, we expect this setup to save us both time and money; believe it or not, there were real advantages that made it seem very worthwhile to get our new warehouse space there rather than in or near Austin.

But setting up the new facility hasn't been an easy job. By far the worst problems came in trying to get phone service. Sprint missed their original installation date; rescheduled several days later without even offering an excuse; missed that date with an excuse that we don't believe . . . and then refused to expedite a third installation date. They did it when they got around to it.

And "no phone line," of course, means "no net connection," which means "no automated link to FedEx and UPS," as well as "our staff there have to talk to Austin via cell phone, and faxes have to be sent to home numbers." It was NOT a picnic, either for the Las Vegas contingent or for the business staff on this end.

I was already unimpressed with Sprint; they're my cell phone provider until the contract runs out, but they spam me with repeated junk phone calls trying to get me to "upgrade" my service. (Yeah, the no-call rules let them do that, as long as they pretend they don't have any record of my request to THEM not to be called. They're my phone company so they get to bother me.)

Vegas good. Sprint bad. Thank you for letting me vent.
-- Steve Jackson

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