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January 31, 2004: Crime Lords

The Illuminati: Crime Lords rules . . . the last component . . . have now gone to press.

This will now be a March release. It had been planned for February, but it didn't quite come together in time. Playtest, playtest, playtest . . . and then it DID come together, and now I'm quite happy with it. Illuminati fans should like it, but it is very definitely NOT just "Illuminati with mobsters." A lot of things are different . . . some to fit the gangland flavor, and some just because there are more than one ways to skin the proverbial cat.

The Crime Lords web page is now up; you can see several pieces of art, four sample cards, and my design notes (plus a couple of outtakes from the rulebook, which now become Official Optional Rules).
-- Steve Jackson

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