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January 25, 2010: Tomorrow Is The Future, Today!

XXXX I don't know if you've noticed, but it's the future now. Go ahead, look at a calendar. Specifically, look at what year it is. See? The future. Cool, huh? So if it's the future, then what the heck do we still need science fiction for? It's 2010! We're rockin' a moon base, and we have our cybernetic implants and our gengineered pets. We have laser bots and jetpacks and virtual reality and everyone wears shiny form-fitting jumpsuits all the time. Right?

No? Oh. I guess we still need sci-fi, then! Good thing, too. Otherwise, we'd never be able to sell Pyramid #3/15: Transhuman Space. That thing is nothing but science fiction. It has articles all about how wild and crazy the future will be when it gets here.

Kind of a pity, though. Now I have no idea what to do with this shiny form-fitting jumpsuit.

-- Fox Barrett

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