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January 25, 2024: Humble Discworld Bundle

Humble has outdone themselves this time. Right now, they've got a Discworld Bundle on, supporting Room to Read. For a minimum of $18, you can get 39 Discworld books (almost the entire series) on Kobo.com.

If someone has recommended the Discworld series but you don't know where to begin, well . . . this bundle won't make that choice easier, but it does mean you'll have access to any starting point you'd like! And once you've fallen in love with the universe, you can go one step further with the Discworld Roleplaying Game

Discworld Reading Guide[Image]

Discworld is my favorite fictional universe, and the GURPS Discworld books not only brilliantly adapt the unique and complex world for the multiverse's greatest roleplaying game, but also add new settings and story hooks to explore! The Discworld Roleplaying Game is a must-have for any roleplayer or any fans of Sir Terry looking to complete their collection. 

I know nobody asked, but my favorite book is Monstrous Regiment. It's a hilarious and thrilling adventure, and it's also the most I've ever felt personally represented or understood by a work of fiction as a butch woman. [Here I tried to list one or two more starting options, but ended up listing most of the subseries . . . So, really, there's hardly a WRONG place to start]. 

This bundle will only be here through January 31, so grab it now!

-- Irene Zielinski

GNU Terry Pratchett

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