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January 3, 2024: Explosive Developments In Nuclear Fusion!

GURPS Ultra-Tech

No, wait . . . that's bad. Let me try again.

According to CNN.com, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California (LLNL) have successfully replicated their efforts at achieving nuclear fusion "at least" three times in the past year. I added the quotes around "at least," but that phrase is in the original article and is a hole in which I could plant a dozen different sci-fi/supers/horror/Bunnies & Burrows adventure ideas. "Hey, Tracy! How many times did you all bend the laws of physics?" "Ohhh, y'know, three . . . four-five-six. Something like that."

Obviously there's still more to do before we're flying cars like the Jetsons, but I like to be optimistic, and innovations can happen quickly. It makes me wonder if, someday soon, we'll need to update GURPS Ultra-Tech or – depending on how weird things get – maybe even Illuminati . . .

-- Steven Marsh

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