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January 31, 2010: Fairy Dust And Waiting For Santa, Part Two

No sparkles Actually, when I say "part," I mean "printing." And when I say "two," I mean "second." And I guess those words should switch places, too. But "Two Part" wouldn't make any sense, would it?

Where was I going with this? Oh, right! Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa have been reprinted, and will soon be on their way to our warehouse, set to arrive in late March. The bad news: The new printing does not have the foil effects. The good news: They look great anyway, and won't curl like the Canadians at the Winter Olympics.

If you got one of these and the curling annoys you, you can exchange it. For all the details, see the Munchkin main page, or Warehouse 23's front page.

-- Paul Chapman

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