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January 31, 2013: Shout Out From Daniel At Ogre Command!

::NAC command to all divisions: Reinforcements have arrived from the Eurozone::

One of the many unexpected consequences of the "catastrophic success" of the Ogre Designer's Edition Kickstarter campaign last April was how the daily stretch goal promises generated a lot of extra work. Thankfully for all concerned, one of the goals was to name a new Line Editor.

At just over half a million dollars in pledges, that was achieved. At that point I had been involved in the project (along with my friend Chris Tham) as one of the fan organizers of the Mercenary Counter Sheets. I was flabbergasted when Steve invited me to help out with Ogre.

I'm already knee deep in Ogre stuff, and loving it. I look forward to serving all you fans out there!

-- Daniel

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