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July 3, 2005: Powers Moves

Yes, GURPS Powers has moved. Doubtless our more eagle-eyed fans have already spotted the move from August to "Farther Out."

Remember our cry of angst a few weeks ago about the things that happen with big books? Yes, here we go again. We have now brought the book in-house for the last stage of editing. It's not a hard edit . . . no manuscript created by Sean Punch and Phil Masters is going to be anything but a pleasure to work on . . . but it's a 240-page book. And it's going to be a longer 240-pager than usual, if that makes any sense . . . the original manuscript came in significantly over length, and the material was all good enough that rather than cut it down by 10% or more, we're going to use all those words and have less art. (A number of fans have given us "More words, less art" feedback; we'll try it with this one and see if we get static from a heretofore silent "We demand art" constituency.)

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