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July 20, 2005: SJ Happies At Websnark

Websnark is good.

I am more and more a fan of Eric Burns' writing. He slides from the academic to the absurd in a way that I really enjoy.

And I quote: "Perseus was honored enough to be given the very tools of the Gods (Athena's shield, Hades's helm, Hermes's winged sandals) but never succumbs to the temptation to think of himself as a God. And in reward for his actions, Perseus, Andromeda, and even Perseus's mother in law Cassiopeia were placed in the heavens as constellations. Also, if the movies are to be believed, he had a robot owl."

And he just taught me a new word.

Apophenia -- Seeing connections in meaningless or unconnected data.

That one makes it into the next Illuminati set! Thanks, Eric . . .
-- Steve Jackson

PS: I fear that he will burn in Grammar Hell for making possessives of names ending in S by adding an apostrophe and another S, which is irony for you. I know some authorities say that construction is permissible. They'll burn hotter than Eric burns.

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