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July 11, 2005: Index Index Index

A brief status report:
  • No further word from Scott; we are hoping that in this case no news is good news.
  • I am up to my neck in GURPS Banestorm indexing. In the perfect world, I don't have to do the indexes myself, but the world is not perfect at the moment. However, this will be a darned good book.
  • The job-shuffle of several weeks ago seems, so far, to have been successful!
  • We continue to look at possible new office spaces.
  • Over the weekend we tried a "blitz" UltraCorps game - ten turns in a few hours. It worked surprisingly well.
  • If you expected to get this in your mail, and didn't, don't be concerned. This Illuminator and yesterday's were both posted after midnight, which means the auto-mail could not catch them. My bad.
-- Steve Jackson

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