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July 8, 2018: A New Adventure For The Dungeon Fantasy RPG On Kickstarter Now!

The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game has jump-started the adventuring careers of countless heroes at gaming tables around the world. But what they can really use is something incredible to do! Innovative GURPS author Douglas Cole is bringing a new, fully licensed adventure to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG: Hall of Judgment.

In Hall of Judgment, the investigators are charged with finding the titular Hall, uncovering its secrets, and discovering any interesting artifacts. It's designed for four to six starting Dungeon Fantasy heroes, and will include at least a dozen pre-generated characters. It offers a complete dungeon, three mini-dungeons (if you can find them) hidden in the surrounding wilderness, a meaty bestiary, a ready-to-use town that's a perfect base of operations before and after visiting the Hall, and still more.

Hall of Judgment

In all, you're looking at an amazing resource that'll be a minimum of 100 pages, in a full-color, 8"x10" format that'll fit great in the original box. (Or if you're the type of soul who prefers PDFs, that's an affordable option as well.) The Kickstarter is live now – until July 14 – and is already at triple its goal . . . so it's quite likely its girth will grow as more heroes heed the call. How awesome will this licensing experiment be? That's up to fans like you to help determine!

If you're looking for adventure, adversaries, an appropriate urban area, and a multitude of maps, and you want it Powered by GURPS, look no further than the Hall of Judgment.

-- Steven Marsh

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