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July 12, 2018: Steve Reviews The Fantasy Trip Counters

With the Kickstarter launch of The Fantasy Trip fast approaching, development is in full swing, and Steve is leading the charge. In addition to writing and rewriting rules, he's been personally reviewing all of the components, from the box art all the way to the counters. 

I caught Steve while he was proofing some of the counter art, right before our recent #SJGamesLive featuring Melee character construction. The inks are awesome: it's easy to identify what they represent, yet they still keep the bold, old-school-inspired art of the originals. You can find more about some of the new components planned in Steve's previous Illuminator article

TFT Counters TFT Counters

We'll have even more to show you as we get closer to the July 23 Kickstarter launch! Make sure you're following us on Kickstarter, so you are alerted when the project goes live. You can also check out our new site for The Fantasy Trip, featuring all sorts of news and extras. In addition, we're always looking for more chatter on the dedicated forums. If you'd like to see Part 2 of our Melee game, make sure you like our Facebook page so you get an alert when it starts.

Reverse the sands of time and help us bring The Fantasy Trip back to life later this month!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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