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July 18, 2018: Last Chance On A Lot Of Munchkin Stuff

As we continue to evaluate our sales across all our game lines, we have to make hard decisions about what to keep in print and what to let go. Munchkin is a 17-year-old line with many dozens of titles, and unfortunately, we are past the point where supporting all of them is prudent or even possible. From time to time, we'll post an update about titles that are running low at our main warehouse (or are already out of stock) that you may want to pick up at your friendly local game store or order directly from Warehouse 23 (while supplies last), so you aren't stuck paying exorbitant aftermarket prices to complete your collection.

Here's what is running short as of summer 2018:

We're sad to see these go, but glad for the new Munchkin hotness (including Munchkin Unicorns and Friends, Munchkin Side Quests, and the Munchkin Party Pack) coming later this year and in 2019!

-- Andrew Hackard

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