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July 13, 2018: Designing Munchkin Unicorns and Friends

Munchkin Unicorns and Friends - live on Kickstarter!Sometimes, I get to work on silly, fun little Munchkin expansions. Sometimes, I get to work on three of them. And sometimes – OK, only one time so far – those three items end up merging into a single new expansion.

That's what happened to Munchkin Unicorns and Friends, live on Kickstarter for one more week. I talk a little bit about that process and talk about some of my favorite cards in my Designer's Notes for the set.

Of all of them, I think my favorite cards are the pair Minimummy and Maximummy, both because of how they work together and because I cannot believe we hadn't already used either of those jokes. It is reassuring that after 17 years of writing Munchkin cards, we're still able to find simple puns that work so well in our games. It gives me hope for 17 years more!

Back our Kickstarter at just $10 (plus shipping) for the Unicorns and Friends cards, or $18 (plus shipping) for the entire Unicorns and Friends package. Some higher reward levels are also still available for those whose Munchkin collections need an extra boost. 

-- Andrew Hackard

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