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June 1, 2023: Munchkin Second Edition NOT!

A common request over the years, at least from our distributors, is "Can we have a second edition of Munchkin?"

This leads to a conversation that goes exactly like this:

Me: "What do we need to fix to create a second edition?"

Them: "Oh, there's nothing wrong. Just change something. We could sell a second edition like CRAZY."

Me: "Oh, I see. Well, I'll keep this in mind."

Me: (inside voice): . . . "when HELL freezes over."

Now, I like keeping the distributors happy . . . and I like things that sell like crazy. But I think that a second edition of Munchkin would be a terrible idea. Either all the changes would be cosmetic (in which case I'd be ripping you off) or some of them would be real and important (in which case, some or all of the old cards would become invalid and your investment goes down the drain). I'm not going there.

I'll tweak any rule that is unclear, but I won't declare a second edition when we don't need one. And we don't.

Please don't take this Illuminator as "virtue signaling." It's more like vice signaling. I am going to commit the mortal sin of turning down easy money. Maybe the distributors, many of whom are my friends and none of whom are my foes, will TAKE THIS HINT and stop asking for something I'm not willing to do.

-- Steve Jackson

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