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May 1, 2023: Groo: The Game On Kickstarter This Month!


As we mentioned last month, we're bringing back a classic that has been unavailable for far too long.

Groo: The Game, based on the genius work of Sergio Aragonés, combines the original core game and expansion into a single box. Steve took time to work through the game and make tweaks, developing and improving the game. After all, we've had over twenty years since the game went out-of-print to find better ways to make the game flow and play better than ever.

I'm personally excited to see this one, mostly for two reasons.

  1. I remember buying the game at GenCon and even getting the good fortune of Sergio Aragonés signing my copy. And . . .
  2. My own copy of the game and expansion have vanished. It will be great to finally score a replacement for those missing boxes.

Follow the Steve Jackson Games account on Kickstarter to receive email notification when we launch the Groo: The Game project later this month!

-- Phil Reed

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