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June 2, 2013: Zombie Dice Back In Stock Soon!

The question is . . . for how long? No matter how many new copies we order, as soon as the shipments start arriving we get the same message from our distributors: "We don't think this will last us very long."

Right now you couldn't really be faulted for wondering how we haven't learned our lesson. But honestly, with each new printing of Zombie Dice, we order a lot more than the last time. We really thought we'd nailed it this run. We ordered so many that if you laid all the cups end to end they would stretch well over 11 miles. And yet we're already being warned to gear up for another printing. So if you've been wanting a chance to finally grab your own copy of Zombie Dice -- don't wait! If you see a copy at your favorite game store, grab it. Or better still, preorder it today! Help us run out sooner!

-- Ben Williams

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