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June 2, 2020: Working On Ardonirane

I have been occupying myself recently in editing David Pulver's excellent Ardonirane, a 72-page guide to the city of the Thorsz (if you don't remember the Thorsz, he's the ruler who created the Death Test). It's a great collection of People, Places, and the occasional Thing. A manticore is a Thing, right?

Ardonirane is not on the Elyntia map, but it's close enough that there is commerce both overland and by Gate. It's friendly with both the Duchy of Dran and the adjacent Duchy of Kel. So if you are running an Elyntian campaign, Ardonirane is a credible side trip.

Tonight I am indexing. There's a lot of indexing to do for a city book. Will it all fit on one page? Well, it has to. It may be four columns like the one in In the Labyrinth, but we'll make it fit.

I don't know yet when Ardonirane will come out. It will almost surely be a Kickstarter. My deadline to finish with text and art specs is the end of the month, and that will be beaten handily.

-- Steve Jackson

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