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June 12, 2020: Car Wars Sixth Edition Pre-Orders


We have opened the BackerKit pre-order campaign for Car Wars Sixth Edition, and now is your chance to grab the new game, expansions, and accessories at the introductory prices! Additionally, not everything listed on the pre-order page will be offered to distributors in 2021. At the moment, only the two different two-player starter packs and the four different miniatures sets are planned for distribution release next year. Everything else created thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign -- the playmats, card expansions, dice bag, and many other items -- will be offered on Warehouse 23.

For those of you looking to grab the game and who don't want to miss anything, these are the items you will want to pre-order:

Adding each of these to your pre-order will nail down all of the gameplay options that are being produced at the moment. 

To make things easier on you, each of the items in the bulleted list, above, links directly to that pre-order page.

For a complete list of everything being offered, visit the pre-order page today!

-- Phil Reed

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