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June 7, 2020: Register And Vote

You know how angry you are right now? Be sure you're still that angry in the runup to November 3. Don't just vote yourself; make sure your friends are registered and make sure they vote. Vote out everybody who empowered, and is still empowering, the murders and oppression and hypocritical bombast and general slack-jawed stupidity. If you're in a state where the Electoral College makes your Presidential vote meaningless, go to the polls anyway and vote in local races. IT MATTERS. If voting didn't matter, they wouldn't try so hard to stop us.

And yes, we can expect organized attempts to prevent voting. Do your homework. Make sure you're headed to an active polling place, and not one that's been moved or shut down. Go to vote EARLY, to give yourself time to deal with blockages. Carry your ID and your voter registration card. Carry a phone to document obstruction.

-- Steve Jackson

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