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June 5, 2021: Crowdfunding Focus: Inner Demons At Bandcamp


I listen to a lot of music, mostly on vinyl over the last year since I've been at home so very, very many hours. The great thing about vinyl, besides the sound, is that it helps get me moving; every 20 minutes or so I have to stand up, walk across the room, and flip or change the record. Trust me, when you're passionate about work and easily lost in thought, external triggers that motivate you to move are very handy.

I've picked up dozens of records from Bandcamp over the last year, but now I see something different at the site: Crowdfunding! Megan McDuffee (I posted about her work last summer) is crowdfunding Inner Demons, her first full-length synthwave album complete with fabulous vocals. Check out the album on Bandcamp and then, if you're enjoying the work, consider joining the Bandcamp crowdfunding campaign to get this album as a vinyl record. I know I'm sure hoping this project meets the goal!

-- Phil Reed

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