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June 24, 2021: Support Your Local Game Shops

In the course of a random conversation with my friendly local game shop, I discovered that they were gently clearing their throats in the hopes that folks would come in and pick up their special orders and standing gaming subscriptions sooner than later. Apparently all those items that got stuck for the longest time due to Covid, that sideways boat (that was, like, two years ago, right?), and other production delays finally got unstuck at the same time, so the store was looking at a bunch of inventory coming in all at once.

It made me recall my days working at my FLGS, where every so often huge batches would show up at once. So if a store bases its sales on selling a certain amount of new product every week, then it's challenging to have little to sell for months only to have everything come in at the same time . . . along with the bill.

If you like your local shop, consider checking in and seeing if your favorite games aren't waiting for you. If you know of some anticipated game arriving soon, consider putting down a deposit or otherwise seeing if you can help out the business. It can often make a big difference to a little store.

-- Steven Marsh

(If you need help locating a local game store, please visit our store finder today! -PR)

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