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June 21, 2021: TFT Quick Quests 2 & 3 Backerkit Live Now

The recently successful campaign for The Fantasy Trip Quick Quests 2 & 3 is now available on Backerkit for everyone who missed out on the campaign! This is a fun, low priced project for fans of TFT that lets us release some quests that you can run as one-shots – or throw into your existing campaigns. Each quest is only $5, and based on the success of the first three, we're hoping to continue to release even more in the future!


In addition to the most recent editions, you can get the first Quick Quests release, as well as some direct-only or hard-to-find items like The Fantasy Trip: I Want It All box, and an assortment of our newer dice sets. 

Backerkit preorders close on July 6, so get yours in soon!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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