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June 10, 2021: Illuminati Back In Stock


The world has made no secret of the problems that face publishers who rely on international freight. The pandemic caused a boom in sales of evergreen* games last year, and that combined with manufacturing and shipping delays meant we were out-of-stock on several key titles for the first months of this year. Finally, after several frustrating months, we can report that Illuminati is again in stock at our primary warehouse and shipping to distributors.

In an attempt to get ahead of the potential delays heading our way before the end of the year, we've already pulled the trigger on another printing of Illuminati; the fifth printing should land in the warehouse late this summer. Of course, we won't know whether or not this gamble succeeds until early next year after we've had a chance to review 2021 holiday sales numbers.

Both Alternative Truths and 2020 are still in stock, which means that the entire new iteration of Illuminati is once again available. But for how long?

-- Phil Reed

* What's an evergreen game? Also known as staples, evergreens are those titles that sell consistently year after year. Although new games, expansions, and accessories are an important part of our operations, it is the evergreens that are the pillars that support our every action. Protecting our evergreens is a priority at all times, because losing an evergreen title is a pain that we will feel for many years.

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