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June 9, 2004: Basic Set Deluxe

In August 2004, Steve Jackson Games will release GURPS Fourth Edition, starting with the two-volume Basic Set. In addition to the regular Basic Set books, we'll also do a special, one-time Deluxe Edition. These won't be available in stores . . . they will be a Warehouse 23 exclusive, except for those sold at GenCon 2004.

We haven't set the print run yet; it will be based on pre-orders. We'll print enough to cover all pre-orders received by June 30 . . . plus a few hundred for GenCon. On June 30, we will close orders for the Deluxe Edition . . . if we have any left after GenCon, we'll offer them at that point. But when they're gone, they're gone.

Both books will be faux-leather bound with foil stamping. The two books will have full-color dust jackets, and will come in a deluxe slipcase. Book 1 will include a special autograph page in front, with the signatures of Steve Jackson, Sean Punch, David Pulver, and Andrew Hackard. (Yes, real signatures, not printed copies.)

The Deluxe Edition will be shipped as soon as it's finished, a bit before GenCon, so pre-order customers will see the Fourth Edition before anyone else.

(We'd love to show you a picture, but since it hasn't been printed yet, we can't. Trust us . . . this will be a really nice set.)

At any rate: you can order it now, here. Note that all by itself this meets the W23 minimum for free regular shipping in the U.S.

We hope you like it. We're going to make it extra pretty.
-- Steve Jackson

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