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June 28, 2004: Sign Sign Sign

I'm now engaged in signing tip-in sheets . . . many, many tip-in sheets . . . for the GURPS Basic Set Deluxe Edition. Orders haven't closed yet, so we don't know how many we'll print, but it'll be at least 800. Think nice thoughts about my signing hand. And about Andrew's . . . he gets them next.

In other news, it's raining. Austin is having a surprisingly wet summer. This is me NOT complaining . . . anything that staves off the incredibly hot and dry weather is a Good Thing. My garden is happy, and when my garden is happy I cannot be completely unhappy.

Did we get the GURPS Basic Set to print Saturday? Well, one book, and the covers. Which is enough to get the printers started. What's left should be easily knocked off on Monday; the death march is over. Except that now we have to finish the layout on GURPS Lite so THAT can go to press . . . Onward, then.
-- Steve Jackson

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