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June 9, 2020: It's Finally Happening: Illuminati Confirmed, The Video Game

Many of the Secret Masters who attended Virtual FnordCon in April have already heard, but now is the time for all to  know: Illuminati, Steve Jackson's classic card game of secret conspiracies trying to take over the world, has achieved transcendence and entered the fully digital world.

Illuminati Confirmed

Former Soviet Bros

Illuminati Confirmed is planned as a strategic, card-collecting video game, produced by SJ Games alumnus Derek Pearcy, of Pyramid Magazine, the In Nomine RPG – and Illuminati: New World Order, on which the new game has been based.
The specifics of this ambitious adaptation are still largely under wraps, and the Illuminati really do prize their secrets, though years of research into the modern conspiratorial underbelly of our world has developed far enough that the news is now worth sharing. 
There's a short teaser trailer aimed at old fans and new players alike, as well as a longer Fan Announcement, revealing the first details of what you can expect from the new game.
Shown above: Since the original Illuminati came out in 1982, the Soviet KGB has rebranded itself as the FSB, so Illuminati Confirmed will have The Former Soviet Bros, shown here depicted by one of the original INWO artists, Dan Smith.
ILCO Teaser
There will be a Kickstarter for Illuminati Confirmed later this summer. Before the end of the year, you should have multiplayer, conspiratorial back-stabbing available on Windows and Macs, with other devices still being planned.
Be the first to hear when the Kickstarter will launch, with special rewards for those who get Illuminated early, by entering your email address at www.IlluminatiConfirmed.net. We'll bring you more news on the game as it develops.


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