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June 10, 2004: Status Report: E23

Executive summary: We're working on it. Actual progress has been made on new coding, but there is much left to do. 37 files are completely ready for sale, and many more are in progress . . . these range from a couple of complete unpublished GURPS books, to a variety of short adventures for GURPS, In Nomine, and others.

A couple of questions have been raised recently. "Will the GURPS adventures in e23 support Third Edition, Fourth Edition, or both?" The answer is, both. There will be some 4e material in e23 as soon as it opens, but there will also be 3e material, and if we get submissions of good material, we won't reject it just because it's 3e (though we are likely to include 4e conversions if at all possible).

"Will the PDFs you sell be user-limited with some sort of digital rights management scheme?" No, they won't. We understand this is a hot issue right now because another company just opened a PDF store with encoded, "protected" PDFs that won't even work on some computers. We looked into that whole issue, and decided that copy protection would create far more trouble for our users than it would save for us. The l33t g00bs will break it anyway, and it annoys the honest people.

Heh. Looks like soon we'll have to update the snarky FAQ on the e23 page with these, and some other real answers.
-- Steve Jackson

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