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June 11, 2005: GURPS Magic Spell Charts Update On e23

Known around here as the "one that broke the server," GURPS Magic Spell Charts continue to be one of e23's most popular freebies. The charts show the relationships between all the spells in GURPS, making it much easier to determine what leads to what, what depends on what, and just how far you can go with what levels of Magery and which prerequisites.

Author Michelle Barrett did a great job, but with a project this complicated, a few bits of errata will slipp through. An updated version has been posted, fixing the handful of errors our sharp-eyed customers have caught, and is available for immediate download. It's actually been up for a couple of days already . . . we announced it first on the Pyramid discussion groups, and then on the regular forums . . . We'll see if this spreads out the load a bit.

So don't go breaking our server again the file will still be there tomorrow . . .
-- Scott Haring

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