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June 17, 2016: Munchkin Musings: June 2016

Has it been a month already? Wow. If you missed the first installment in our new series of updates from the World of Munchkin, go read it right here.

Possibly the biggest news this month has been the Munchkin Fan Survey that we conducted at the end of May. We're still talking about it ourselves and we continue to see discussion from other quadrants as well. I wrote an article on Medium summarizing the results and talking about what we learned; if you haven't read it, take 15 minutes or so and check it out. We'll definitely be running a followup survey, asking some questions we missed the first time around and delving deeper into some of the questions that turned out to be more interesting than we realized. Watch this space!

Munchkin Apocalypse 2 GAE

The Munchkin anniversary isn't slowing down at all! Barnes & Noble got the Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition and Munchkin Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Edition on shelves over Memorial Day weekend. Len Peralta did a great job on both sets and we're glad we don't have to keep them secret anymore! We're also glad that the Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition, with John Kovalic's long-overdue art, is starting to show up in stores.

Earlier this month, we started shipping the Munchkin Playmat: Flower Cashes In and three new Munchkin Monster Box designs to all our distributors (to go along with the early Monster Box that shipped last month from our friends at ACD). Both of these should be hitting game stores before the end of the month. A little later this month, the Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by Katie Cook, will be shipping out to distributors; we expect that to be in stores in July. We'll also have reprints of Munchkin 2, Munchkin 3, and Munchkin 4 around that time . . . if your Friendly Local Game Store has run out, more copies are on the way!

Here's a quick little announcement for those of you who read closely: I'm working on a major update to the Munchkin FAQ. It's been 18 months, so we thought it was probably time . . .

We will be hosting Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson at Munchkin HQ the last week of this month. Eric and Kevin have been working hard with Darryll and Devin to get the first wave of the Munchkin CCG completed, and I expect a whole lot of playtesting and spirited debate rule discussions that week.


I'll be a guest at ConnectiCon in Hartford from July 7-10. I will be on a couple of panels, signing some games, and playing lots of games in the company of our loyal Men in Black. I've never been to Hartford (or Connecticut at all), so I'm looking forward to this trip! This is my only trip up to the Northeast this year, so if you're in the area, I hope you'll come by and say hello.

Of course, our big summer convention is Gen Con, and we are looking forward to celebrating Munchkin's 15th birthday this year! Watch the Daily Illuminator for more details about all our Gen Con plans -- I guarantee you do not want to miss this!

See y'all in July with a ConnectiCon after-action report and more Gen Con previews, plus lots of other news from Munchkin Land.

-- Andrew Hackard

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